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Mae-Mae Dance Studio is located in the heart of Queens, New York. It is a professional dance educational institution integrating dance training, theatrical performances and organizing dance competitions. The center is organized and deeply supported by the community. We are committed to providing a cross-cultural exploration of the art of dance, through curriculum, competition, performances, etc. We encourage all dance enthusiasts to join us to explore the world of dance. Our main teachers are from the American Chinese Dancers Association, the Chinese dancers Association, Beijing Dance Academy, New York University, Queen's University. are active in the education line, superb dance, outstanding achievements of outstanding teachers. Mae-Mae Dance Studio will provide students with a variety of opportunities to showcase their experiences and dance opportunities. We will continue to update and explore the charm of dance art with a strong faculty, standardized teaching and excellent teaching results.

纽约志美舞蹈中心 位于纽约皇后区繁华的法拉盛,是一家集舞蹈培训、文艺演出、比赛交流为一体的专业舞蹈教育机构,致力于建立舞蹈艺术的跨国交流,通过课程,比赛,表演等方式,促进美国各界舞蹈爱好者与世界舞蹈艺术接轨,中心受到社区的鼎力支持和深切关怀,中心教师来自美国华人舞蹈家协会、中国舞蹈家协会、北京舞蹈学院、陕西师范大学、纽约大学、皇后大学,皆活跃在教育一线,精湛舞艺,成绩显著的优秀教师,志美舞蹈中心针对不同年龄层次的学生设置不同的舞蹈教学模式,力求多元化,时代化。志美舞蹈艺术中心会为学生们提供各种展示学习成果及各国舞蹈交流的机会,我们会以强大的师资、规范的教学、出色的教学成果让大家不断更新和探索舞蹈艺术的魅力。

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Acrobatics, Dance Basics, Barre, Jazz, Ballet, Hip-Hop, K-Pop Dance, Contemporary Dance, Yoga, Zumba


Chinese Folk Dance

(Classical/ Dunhuang/ Fan/ Hankerchief/ Mongolian)

Children Dance Classes

Chinese Dance 101 for Adults


Chinese Dance Competition


The studio breaks the traditional dance teaching methods to a new dance teaching philosophy. To develop the body and soul experience with a variety of dance courses to help you to explore your own way of dance style and gain a better understanding of the art of dance.



少儿舞、毯子功、中国民间舞 、中国民族舞、中国古典舞、毯子功、芭蕾 、现代舞、爵士舞,街舞、K-Pop、尊巴、瑜伽、成人形体、志美个人定制课程等。


dancer stretching. foot focus
mae mae

Mae Mae 

Head Chinese Dance Instructor




Graduated from Beijing Dance Academy and received a master's degree in dance education from Shaanxi Normal University.  Beijing Dance Academy Dance Test Academy certified teacher, exam judge of the Chinese Dancers Association, judge of the New York Queens Dance Festival Organizing Committee, choreographer for Los Angeles Dance Festival and Palm Springs Dance Fest. Dance curator for "Colors of the Seasons".  and has experience in dance education for nearly 20 years, teaching thousands of students. Acting as choreographer and director of the dance group performing at the opening ceremony of the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games in China. In 2017, she was a founder at Mae Mae Dance  Art Center as Artistic Director.



ABT Ballet Instructor




Originally from Hyogo, Japan. She began her ballet training at age three and danced over 15 years in Japan. She performed major soloist roles in Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, Nutcracker, Don Quixote, Le Sylphide, and other major Grand Ballet. She was a member of Sadamatsu-Hamada Junior Ballet company in Kobe for years. Saya is the first Japanese citizen who graduated from New York University Steinhardt Dance Education / ABT Ballet Petagogy and obtained both MA in Dance Education from NYU and the certification from American Ballet Theatre in 2011. Saya is an ABT NTC Fellow, who has successfully completed the ABT® Teacher Training Intensive in Primary through Level 7 and Partnering of  the ABT® National Training Curriculum and has successfully presented students for examinations.



Ballet Instructor

Mitch Kilby graduated from the Royal Ballet Academy (RAD).  He holds the Emperor Teacher Certificate and Grading Certificate.  He joined the New York City Ballet in New York City in 2006. During these 12 years he danced in classics by Petipas, Fokine, Anges De Mille, Lotte Goglar and Antony Tudor.  Mickey has participated in contemporary / modern works by Cunningham, Limon, Chase Bullock and Antonia Frances. During his tenure at the New York Theater Ballet, Mickey participated in the selection of many works. In addition, Mitch is a visiting professor at the Ballet School and Ballet Club, and has extensive experience in ballet teaching and speaking!



Modern Dance Instructor




Vera Paganin born in Milan (Italy), where she began her professional training at the Centro Studi Coreografici Teatro Carcano, a renowned academy of the city. There she graduated in ballet and modern dance in 2012.​

Vera moved to New York in 2013, after a few months she was asked to join Graham 2. She danced many principal roles in distinguished venues such as the Met Museum, and in 2015 she got the Teaching Training Program Diploma at the Graham School.



Hip Hop Instructor / Heels

Marc Nuñez is founder and director of Gotham Dance Theater (GDT) based in New York City.  GDT has performed as Artist-in-Residence at The Performance Project at the University Settlement, Queensboro Dance Festival, Boundless in Brooklyn: A 48-hour Dance Film Contest (2017 Winner and Audience Choice), and annually produces LAUNCH, Big Gay Dance Show, and Emerge Choreographers Showcase with The Tank NYC, where Marc is also Dance Curator. Marc holds a BFA in Dance Performance with Excellence in Choreography from the University of California, Irvine



Hip Hop Instructor

Kenneth was born and raised in Brooklyn and moved to the Bronx at age 10. He pursued acting for three years at Bronx Academy of Letters but fell in love with dance when he was introduced to break dancing in Honduras. After High school Kenneth received the Posse scholarship and attended Lawrence university where be graduated from with a bachelors degree in psychology  and a minor in Spanish. After college, Kenneth devoted years of training at Broadway dance Center. Apart from touring Kenneth has danced in television shows and video shoots for Amara la Negra, Conel, Sidung and J Balvin, Ninel conde, B2k and Eva Sita( just to name a few ).Kenneth intends to continue training but has found great passion in teaching all ages throughout New York.



ABT Ballet Instructor

Azucena have performed and taught classical ballet in Europe as well as in New York City. She has received the ABT® Certified Teacher in Pre-Primary through Level Seven and Partnering of the ABT® National Training Curriculum, courses instructed by Raymond & Franco De Vita. She has worked as an administrative intern at American Ballet Theatre “ABT”, under the direction of Cynthia Harvey, ABT’s Education Director. In this role, she assisted with multiple outreach and relationship management between ABT and their community & international partners. She has a Master’s degree in Dance from France. Rosella Hightower was her professor of Classical Dance. She was the first American ballet dancer to earn an elite place amongst European dance companies. 


Bec Gombar was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. She grew up training extensively in ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary, and musical theatre at her mother’s studio, Tri-City Dance Centre. She received numerous awards and competed throughout Canada and the US, and in Germany for Team Canada, winning gold and silver medals. She attended summer intensives at The Joffrey Ballet School and Northwest Dance Project.  In addition to dancing, Bec has been teaching and choreographing for the past 5 years. Bec is excited to join Peridance Contemporary Dance Company as an apprentice this season! 


Modern Dance Instructor







917.603.9166 (English)

718.612.9515 (Chinese)



45-72 Kissena Blvd. 2FL

Flushing NY, 11355




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